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Mo's Story

Japanese cuisine has increasingly conquered palates at all corners of the planet. The harmony between the ingredients that constitute their dishes impresses with their contrasts, while being based on a disciplined simplicity. Sweet, sour, salty and bitter are balanced between a diversity of textures, providing indescribable moments of pleasure while providing the body with healthy nutrition. Appearance is none the less important, so the colours and shapes of the items that composes each platter are carefully planned to provide an attractive and eye-pleasing presentation. Therefore, Japanese cuisine always seeks to offer an experience of extraordinary sensations for sight, smell and taste.

With the passion for this cuisine at heart and the wish to provide high quality Food, specially Vegan, Morena (Chef Mo) idealised this company, Sushi d’amor, to share her feelings with friends and customers. On her journey she worked in many highly renowned hotels, fine restaurants, buffet services also in Italy, Germany and Austria, including running Charles’s (Mo’s husband also chef) and Mo’s restaurant CharMo in Fortaleza, Brazil (Mo’s country).  Among these activities, Mo also worked in leadership positions in several prominent companies in the gastronomy sector, particularly on the Wedding Industry, in the Poole area, where she has lived for over 10 years.

Throughout her experience with professional cooking, Mo has accumulated high-level knowledge, skills and techniques which are now  applied to Sushi d’amor (sushi of love). This involves the complete production process, including the purchase of selected, fresh and top quality products, correct storage, producing dishes adhering to the most rigorous hygiene standards and creating impeccable presentation that impresses even the most demanding eyes.

The art of service is our passion and that is what drives us in our day-to-day. Serving top quality products to all our customers with the best pleasurable experience of edible sensations.

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